About Ironhearted Yoga

Why “Ironhearted?”

Yoga is union – of breath and movement, mind and body, finite with infinite – and the molecule that actually unites breath (oxygen) and movement (blood) is iron, Fe+, at the core of hemoglobin. Which is totally awesome.

Iron: from earth, forged with fire fed by air, and worked with water. The four elements of the first four chakras together suggest, in sum, iron.

When the desire to teach came to me, it arrived through the metaphor of a great iron gong, ready to ring.

To lead from and live in my heart I wanted a strong center, a heart of iron. In meditation I envisioned my belly as a furnace, my breath the bellows, forging a glowing hot ingot, iron at the heart, radiating warmth and strength on my mat and out into the world.


About Robin

My teaching style is in the vinyasa lineage, with focus on a union of breath and movement at a steady pace, as well as thorough attention to alignment with longer holds and exacting anatomical instruction. I encourage you to listen closely to what your body is telling you, tuning in to the subtle frequencies and feedback that reward increased attention. Standing, sitting, lying down, or upside down, the mission is the same: move the breath, move the body, still the mind.

My further explorations in my practice are focused on the concept of moksha, liberation: both within and from the world, liberation from systems of suffering. The recognition of the inherent wholeness of each individual leads to liberation, leads to joy. The gift of yoga is knowing that you were whole the moment you began. From that wholeness, you can best serve in your life.

I believe my path to be that of Karma Yoga: the yoga of action, duty, and work. As Swami Vivekananda writes, “It is a great privilege for all of us to be allowed to do anything for the world.” Muhammad Ali said it’s the rent we pay for our life on earth, and I do my best to serve well and fairly.

About Robin’s Education

Aug – Dec, 2015
The Yoga Room, Astoria, New York.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Hanuman’s Tale. Led by Victoria Hainsby Greene with instruction by Juliana Mitchell and Elizabeth Barnett. Topics including the yoga sutras and the yamas and niyamas; proper alignment, assists, and adjustments including modification for pregnancy; sequencing; chakras, nadis, and the subtle body; meditation and chanting; pranayama; & anatomy and kinesiology.

1997 – 2001
Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa.
Bachelor of Arts, biology & environmental studies. My work in biology included human anatomy & physiology as well as chemistry. Further studies in theatre, ethnomusicology, & improv.