Private Yoga Lessons In NYC

Robin Kimball, NYC Yoga InstructorMy name is Robin Kimball and I lift up the teachers who have allowed me to share the practice of yoga with you.

A thirteen-year professional in the publishing business, I came to yoga to bring my body, mind, and breath into the same room at the same time. The deeper I went into asana, the more the true nature of yoga began to work on me. As my body became organized, so did my mind, and then my energies. In recognition of the tendency of the world towards disorder, I practice yoga.

My teaching style is in the vinyasa lineage, with focus on a union of breath and movement at a steady pace, as well as thorough attention to alignment, strong moments of stillness, and exacting anatomical instruction. Seeing my students find their individual versions of a pose, energetically and truthfully, is incredibly rewarding. As we build a physical practice, we’ll also build a mental and emotional practice that you can carry off the mat and into the wider world.

I want to help my students achieve what yoga has given me: a return to the authentic self. Part of this is a commitment to inclusive practice that serves all abilities, all backgrounds, all genders, and all bodies. The recognition of the inherent wholeness of each individual leads to liberation, leads to joy. From the start of class, seated easily in stillness; through challenging and thoughtful poses; all the way to a full, sweet resting pose, you are already complete.

I currently offer private yoga instruction as well as small group classes in the five boroughs of New York City. In July 2016, I am teaching open level public classes at The Yoga Room in Astoria, Queens.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and I hope we’ll practice together.